Savory snacks

When French pastry starts offering sandwiches, they're as gourmet as the cakes. Slender silhouettes and easy to enjoy, they are made up of ultra-fresh products.

Vegan sandwich

Discover our vegan focaccia for lunch, composed of a frisée salad, spinach shoots, butternut, and pickled carrot and zucchini. Goji berries had a... Read more
Only available in store

Salmon sandwich

Delicate slices of Norwegian salmon sit on a whole meal loaf for a lunch in the fjords. A touch of lemon, a little arugula and a dill horseradish... Read more
Only available in store

Chicken caesar sandwich

Savor a delicious sandwich for your lunch. It houses romaine lettuce and confit tomatoes, adding an element of freshness to the chicken and Caesa... Read more
Only available in store