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In homage to Marcel Proust, François Perret has imagined a book made entirely of delicate chocolate.

The cover features a double shell of 64% Equator dark chocolate, topped with hazelnut praline and crumble crumble. Inside, 6 white chocolate pages reveal the dark chocolate screen-printed text "Au seuil du printemps", published in 1912 in Le Figaro, and taken from Marcel Proust's "Vacances de Pâques" chronicles.

With "Au seuil du printemps", the Ritz Paris once again pays tribute to Marcel Proust, a loyal customer since the hotel's inauguration in 1898.



Heroines of a Proustian childhood

"Au Seuil du Printemps"

Throughout "Au seuil du printemps", the writer celebrates the arrival of fine weather. In particular, he praises hawthorn flowers, his "first love for a flower". It was on a walk through the fields that he rediscovered the initial joy of discovering them. Their almond scent, their white corollas with their radiant veins, their festively adorned thorns. All these visual and olfactory impressions bring back forgotten emotions, and her childlike soul. As if by magic...