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Immerse yourself in the gourmet world of the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir with Chef François Perret's latest creation: the Brioche à Tête entremets.
A steamed biscuit, subtly coated with roasted brioche powder, enclosing a generous heart of milk caramel and a light cream of incomparable sweetness.


The Art of the Brioche à Tête

Elegance and indulgence

Chef François Perret's "Brioche à Tête" is an exquisite creation that skilfully combines different textures and flavours. A light, almost airy biscuit, reminiscent of steam, is wrapped in a delicate roasted brioche powder, offering warm, crispy notes. Its heart hides a gourmet treasure: a creamy milk caramel that evokes the sweetness of childhood. The whole is crowned with a light cream, adding a touch of lightness to this unforgettable taste experience. A creation that celebrates the brioche tradition with a touch of modernity and refinement.