It's a short step from a pastry pause to a gourmet gathering. Select a gastronomic delight to share from the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir delicatessen. 

So Ritzy jam

Discover our fruit-based spread which combines orange pulp with Damask rose, a Ritz Paris Le Comptoir exclusive that combines floral fragrance… Read more

Impériale jam

An original creation of our House, our Imperial jam marries the smoothness of clementine with the bitter sweetness of grapefruit. A contrast that… Read more

Abricot jam

Naturally low in sugar and smooth, apricot in a jam has become a breakfast classic for young and old alike. 210 g Made in France. Read more

Dry wines

Whether red or white, our selection of dry wines offer lighter pairing options. Their characteristic fruitiness will remind you of the desserts'… Read more

Dessert wines

A well-chosen sweet dessert wine will add even more depth to the assorted French pastries we propose. In our selection, sweet, amber and… Read more


For the Ritz Paris, Barons de Rothschild offers champagne with fine bubbles that tantalize the tastebuds and tickle the palate. Ritz Paris Le… Read more